Section B : Product Formula


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B1.1 Batch Size

Please state the manufacturing batch size of the product.

B1.2 Batch formula

A) Active Ingredient Overage

  • Active Ingredient Name
  • Salt Form
  • Strength of Active Ingredient (Quantity unit/ dose)
  • Strength Salt-Free
  • Source of Active Ingredient (Animal – e.g. Bovine, Porcine, Ovine or Others/ Plant/ Others)
  • Form of Substance
  • Remarks (if any)
  • Status

 B) Excipient Overage


Please refer to Product Validation- Active Ingredient & Excipient

B2 Attachment of Batch Manufacturing Formula

A batch formula should be provided that includes a list of all components of the product to be used in the manufacturing process, the amounts per unit dose, including overages (if any), and a reference to their quality standards.

  • Batch size and quantity per batch (g, kg, liters etc.) of ingredient should be stated.
  • Overage: Supporting data and reason for including the overage shall be enclosed.

Reference EMA Guideline:

  • Guideline on Manufacture of the Finished Dosage Form