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We list below important QUEST System Annoucements:



Dear valued customer,

The QUEST 3 system will be closed from 8am Wednesday (22 February 2012) to 5pm Thursday (23 February 2012) for system maintenance. Therefore, no transaction can be done during this period. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


DIGICERT - Intermediate Root Certificate (18 Mei 2011)

Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa Intermediate Root Certificate yang disediakan oleh Digicert Sdn. Bhd. akan tamat tempoh ('expired') pada 19 Mei 2011.

Untuk makluman, oleh kerana di beberapa jabatan tidak dapat menggunakan sijil digital yang diberikan sebelum ini, pihak Digicert telah mengeluarkan semula Intermediate root certificate Digisign ID Basic yang baru pada 21 Mei 2011 yang perlu diupdatekan ke dalam semua PC pengguna. Jika pengguna telah memperbaharui Intermediate root certificate Digisign ID Basic sebelum 21 Mei 2011, mereka perlu update semula sijil digital tersebut.

Jika pengguna belum lagi memperbaharui Intermediate root certificate Digisign ID Basic, sila update menggunakan sijil digital yang dibekalkan di dalam email ini.

Bersama ini saya sertakan panduan yang sama kepada pengguna untuk memasang sijil digital yang baru. Sila memperbaharui sijil digital anda untuk mengelakkan masalah penggunaan sijil digital.
Terdapat 2 cara untuk memasang sijil digital ini kepada setiap PC pengguna.

  • Alternatif 1 - Pemasangan Sijil Digital

           Sila rujuk kepada dokumen InstallationIntermediateRoot.pdf untuk panduan Sijil Digital Digisign ID (Basic).

  • Alternatif 2 - Memuat turun Sijil Digital daripada Website Digicert dan memasangkannya ke PC Pengguna.

            Pengguna boleh memuat turunkan Sijil Digital ini dari link ini (                                 dengan cara seperti di bawah:

  • Double click on the link to download the intermediate Root Certificate.
  • Click 'Open / Run / Save'
  • Please fill up your information
  • Click 'Next' and 'Install'
  • Click 'Finish'

Untuk rujukan, tuan / puan boleh merujuk kepada website atau hubungi Customer Care Digicert di talian 03-8992 8913 / 03-8992 8816 / 03-8992 8807



Dear valued customer, the new registration for Quest3 user is now available. CLICK HERE to register.

All fields are compulsory.
For company registration number, kindly removed any spaces and/or dash ( - ).
Incomplete application will be rejected. BPFK is not responsible for any loss due to payment made for incomplete application.
Only 1 company membership is allowed. However, supplementary card(s) can be applied through the primary account.
One person can only be authorised for one company.
Please make sure that you have printed the membership slip upon submitting the application. Digicert Sdn. Bhd. will not processed your payment in failure to present the slip.

[ Guide for First-time User Registration | Guide for Membership Utilities ]


DIGICERT Smartcard & USB Token

It has been observed that, there is a slight incompatibility between the smart card with the Quest 3 application. For smart card users who encounter problems such as multiple PIN code request or looping during transaction, it is advisable to switch from smart card to USB Token supplied by Digicert Sdn Bhd (Refer Package C).

USB Token is a security device similar to the smart card but does not require the installation of the smart card reader and driver.

For new QUEST system users, it is also recommended to purchase USB Token (Refer Package A or B).

The subscription fees for USB Token are shown below:-

Package Content
Price (RM)
2 years
USB Token
User Manual
1 year
USB Token
User Manual
2 years
USB Token
User Manual
*For existing users who wish to switch from smart card to USB Token

For smart card users who do not wish to convert to USB Token, you are still able to continue using the smart card but you may encounter the above problems such as multiple PIN code request or looping during transaction.

Smart card users are required to return the smart card to Digicert Sdn. Bhd. when applying for the switch to USB Token

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