QUEST2 Products Renewal During Moratorium Period

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As stated in moratorium of QUEST system, online renewal can only be done in the new system, QUEST3+, from 1-Aug-2016 onwards. Therefore, product holders are urged to renew their products expiring before 1-Aug-2016.

Due to breakdown of QUEST2 system, manual submission for renewal of products registered in QUEST2 is now acceptable and payment must be completed before 1-Jun-2016. Failure to do so will result in termination of registration status and these products will have to go through the process of new products registration in QUEST3+.

Procedure for manual renewal of QUEST2 products:
  1. Download and print the payment voucher for the respective products.
  2. Proceed to the finance department for payment before 1-Jun-2016.
List of products registered in QUEST2 with expiry date before 1-Sep-2016 are as below.
(Only products listed in the table below are allowed for manual renewal.)
Note: Product search for QUEST2 is no longer functioning following the breakdown of QUEST2 system. Alternatively, you may click the button below to download the full list of products registered in QUEST2.
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