QUEST3+ Scheduled Maintenance


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NPRA QUEST 3+ system will be going through scheduled maintenance to ensure security and performance capped at optimal level. During the maintenance procedure, all front-end QUEST 3+ services will experience service interruptions of up to 3 hours. (Subject to change)

Additionally, throughout the maintenance procedure, user will still be able to access NPRA Official Website to be obtain further updates on current maintenance.

Please find below the maintenance schedule and the list of affected services:

Date : 28 Jun 2019 (Friday)

Time : 2.30 p.m - 5.00 p.m (or until further notice)

Affected Services : All QUEST 3+ Front-end Services


We truly regret for any inconvenience incurred due to the service interruptions. Please disseminate this information to your team members regarding this matter.