Registration Of Product For Export Only (FEO)


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1. Refers to locally manufactured products for exporting purpose only and not marketed locally. This does not apply to imported products meant to be packed/repacked locally and to be re-export (the application falls under Regulation 7(2)(b), Control of Drugs and Cosmetic Regulations 1984. A separate application form may be obtained from the NPRA website).

2. Applications for registration of FEO products are only accepted in the following condition(s) and to be supported with evidence issued by the competent Authority of the importing countries (self-declaration is not accepted):

3. Applicant may apply for a Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CPP) for the registered FEO products.

4. For a registered product intended for exportation as well as to be sold in Malaysia:

5. For a registered product, now intended to be for export only and no longer for sale in Malaysia: 

6. Applications for registration of FEO products are processed based on abridged evaluation. However, the additional following requirements must be filled for pharmaceutical products (not applicable to health supplements and traditional products):

7. Application is via online submission in QUEST system.