Part I, Section D : Label (Mock-Up) for Immediate Container, Outer Carton and Proposed Package Insert & PIL (Refer to Appendix 19 DRGD : General Labelling Requirement)

Label (Mock-up) for Diluent
Please provide label (mockup) for diluent.

Section Attachment/Information


Label (Mock-up) for Immediate Container


Label (Mock-up) for Outer Carton


Proposed Package Insert


Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) / RisalahMaklumat Ubat Pesakit (RiMUP)
Please refer:

  1. DirektifPenguatkuasaanKeperluanMengemukakanRisalahMaklumat Ubat untukPengguna (RiMUP) Bil. 5 Year 2011 Bil (15) dlm BPFK/PPP/01/03 Jld 1
  2. Garispanduan Pelaksanaan Risalah Maklumat Ubat untukPengguna (RiMUP)


Label (Mock-up) for Diluent
Please provide label (mockup) for diluent.


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