FAQ : Clinical Trials – Safety Reporting (Updated 18 April 2024)

1. Is Serious Adverse Event (SAE) report required to be submitted to NPRA?
SAE reporting is NOT required but SUSAR reporting to NPRA is mandatory.

In case of SAE reporting, the report should be submitted to the respective Ethics Committee depending on their requirements. We encourage you to check with the individual Ethics Committee to find out their reporting requirements.
2. What are the criteria for the reporting of Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reaction (“SUSAR”) to NPRA?
3. What is Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR)?
4. What is “Serious” Adverse Drug Reaction?
5. What is “Unexpected” Adverse Drug Reaction?
6. Is SUSAR related to comparator or placebo NOT required for submission to NPRA?
7. When should we start and end SUSAR reporting for the clinical trial conducted in Malaysia?
8. How to report SUSAR to NPRA?
9. What is the minimum information required for expedited reporting purposes?
10. What should I do if I do not receive an Acknowledgement of Receipt (AoR) for the submitted SUSAR reports?
11. What is the timeline for SUSAR reporting?
12. Is the timeline of SUSAR reporting counted from “Date Received by Manufacturer” or “Date of SUSAR Report” of a SUSAR report in CIOMS-I format?
13. Do we need to open/break the code (unblinding) prior to sending SUSAR reports to NPRA?
14. Is it a MUST to report SUSAR in a secure mail?
15. Is there any requirement set forth by NPRA on SUSAR reporting to investigator?
16. In Malaysia, there are two clinical trials (Trial A and B) investigating the same drug/product. The CTIL/CTX holders for these two trials are from two different companies, i.e. Company A for Trial A and Company B for Trial B. If a SUSAR has arisen from Trial A, NPRA would like to receive this expedited report from company A only (as direct report) or both companies (additional cross report from company B)?
17. Is it necessary to submit the following documents to NPRA?
18. Who should I refer to if I have any further queries on safety reporting in clinical trial?


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