Check Addresses Registered Under Company To Ensure There Is No Duplicated Address Or Inactive Address

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Dear product registration holder (PRH) / QUEST3+ user,

NPRA seeks your kind cooperation to check addresses registered under your company in order to ensure there is no duplicated address or inactive address. You may check the addresses at “Membership Utilities” module > “Company profile” tab > “Business Address” section after login to QUEST3+ system.

If you do notice multiple similar addresses for an address category (alamat kilang, alamat pengimport, alamat pemborong, stor, pengilang kosmetik etc), please kindly lodge an enquiry/complaint at

For your information, duplicated or inactive address may cause problems in
1.) Registration of new product where incorrect/inactive address is selected
2.) Change of site 
3.) Application of GMP certificate or sijil Amalan Perkilangan Baik (APB) and import/wholesale/importer’s license
4.) Etc 
Thank you.

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