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Regulatory Information

Regulation Basics

QUEST3+ Info, Classification, Lab & Clinical Trials, Basic Guidelines, ASEAN Guidance Documents

Laboratory & Quality Control

Test Checklist, List of private laboratories & Guideline For The Submission Of Product Samples For Laboratory Testing

Licensing & Inspection

GMP, GDP, Inspection & Licensing (Manufacturer, Importer and Wholesaler)

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)

API Guidelines, API Circulars & API Faqs

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

OECD GLP Documents, Application Procedures, GLP Compliant Test Facilities


Reporting ADR, Pos-market Activities

Product Categories

Browse Guidelines, Directives, Circulars, Announcements and Application Forms according to Product Categories


Any preparation intended to be placed in contact with various external parts of the human body

Natural Products

 Traditional (General) & Traditional (Medium)

Generic Medicines

Bioequivalence(BE), Prescription (Full), Non-Prescription (Full & ABRIDGE )


Biological/Biotech/Biosimilar, Vaccines, Blood Products & Others

New Chemical Entity

New Chemical Entity/Radiopharmaceutical Substances, New Combination Products, Supplemental Products

Health Supplements

General, Functional (Medium) & Disease Risk Reduction (High)

Veterinary Medicines

Scheduled Poison, Non-Poison, Innovator/NCE

Combo Products

Products comprised of two or more regulated components 

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